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Look Up Detroit  440 Burroughs Street  #629Detroit, MI 48202


The Rev. Richard Dalton       248-656-4864

Thanks for Your tax deductible support of the Detroit Area Ministry of LookUpDetroit and the JesusQuestion Outreach

Then the people will LOOK UP to the one who made them.  Their eyes will see the Holy One of Israel. – Isaiah 17:7

Thanks you, please keep this interdenominational outreach in your prayers.

Note: Look Up Detroit, and Rev. Richard Dalton’s work in Metro Detroit is under oversight of his bishop and legal umbrella of the 501c3 Nonprofit – The Home Anglican Missionary Evangelical Society (THAMES)

The Christian faith is under attack in many quarters of our society people need to be presented with a defense of the faith.  There are some great apologetic resources on the web.  Posting some of these would be helpful to your members and visitors to your website.
Here is a page with many of those web links:
Apologetic Links and Resources

Here are a couple more link geared toward college students:
Leadership U and  Every Student

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Have you heard of the “Engel Scale of Spiritual Decision”, it describes the way in which people progress in their understanding and openness to the Gospel:

The Gray Matrix

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